SocialEngine PHP

Complete Control. 100% Owned by You.

No-Limits Customization

SocialEngine PHP gives you a simple yet powerful unbranded network that you can customize in any way. You’ll have the freedom to maintain full control over all aspects of your site and content. No "powered-by," no ads (unless you want them for making money), no BS.

Build A Social Network Your Way

With multiple social frameworks to choose from, you can decide how your community members will connect, share and interact with each other. Control layout and page elements with visual, drag-and-drop content management features.

Get Custom Services & Support

Get pro installation when buying SocialEngine. Use our support knowledgebase to find answers to many of your questions. Pay to open support tickets or establish monthly support for guaranteed access and response times.

SocialEngine PHP Demos

Kick the tires, launch the demos, and just consider the possibilities! Remember, like thousands of social websites and branded communities powered by SocialEngine, your ability to uniquely customize the look and functionality is virtually limitless.

SocialEngine gives you the opportunity to claim your independence.


Monetize your site through subscription and membership billing plans, offering paid-only access for certain levels or sections of the community. Make money by displaying ads where you want them, targeting by profile types, networks or member levels.

Content Management

SocialEngine's easy to use CMS enables you to customize the layout, style and content through drag-and-drop layout functionality. Leverage public and private sections, SEO-friendly URLs, file and media management, multi-language support and more.

Private Messaging

Enable private messaging between members, including thread-like discussions and message history with links and attachments. Do mass-messaging or limit messages to targeted recipients with community notifications and via email.

Social Network Structure

You have multiple options for how people will join and interact in your community. Create networks based on profile commonality, email message templates, two-way and one-way follower scenarios, invitation options and more.

Activity Feed

Keep up to date with what’s happening in your community! An activity feed featuring posts, comments, notifications and more is a core feature of the SocialEngine platform.

Member Profiles

Your community members have a range of content, activity and personal information features that can be fully customized. Set profile types, layouts, member and moderator levels, privacy, profile questions, post options and more.

Bring Your Vision To Life

You have a goal, a vision of the perfect community. SocialEngine PHP has the tools to make your vision a reality. Achieve success, you deserve it!