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Photo Albums Plugin

Members can populate feeds with images, connect via photo tagging, and share whole albums to create a visually engaging community. These days, a picture is worth a thousand likes.

Rapid File Uploads

Our real-time progress bar keeps members updated so they’re not left waiting. Entire albums post in just a few clicks.

Photo Tagging

Enable member tagging to create albums rich with comments and mentions, making your community the photo sharing home of the last event, vacation, or shoot.

Privacy Options

Decide what privacy options are available when members upload photos. Everyone? Friends only? You decide!

Easy Browsing

Sort by categories, most recent and most popular, or use keyword searches. Efficient browsing with immediate results.

Photo Sharing

Posts support photo attachments for fresh and diverse content sharing. Members choose what to share and how to share it.

Profile Page Photos

Profile visitors can browse through photo albums to connect and comment. Albums display a visual history of each member’s experiences.

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