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Blogs Plugin

Give every member a voice with their own personal blog. In addition to encouraging content generation and personal expression, blogs improve the search engine visibility of your community.

WYSIWYG Entry Composer

Using an interface similar to MS Word, members can easily compose blog entries. Members have direct access to the HTML source as well for hands-on editing.

Privacy Options

Members control the privacy of every post to determine who can view and who can comment on their blog entries.

Share Videos and Photos

Posts are not limited to text. Members can enrich blog entries with photos and videos for more dynamic experiences.

Categories and Tags

When writing blog entries, members can publish to categories and tag posts with keywords. As the admin, you can create unique, community relevant categories for your members.

Control Access

Leave blog access open to everyone, or limit postings to community leaders or members of your choosing.

Custom Blog Styles

Members may personalize blogs with their own visual twist using custom CSS styles.

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