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Chat & IM Plugin

Introduce live chat for a whole new level of interactivity. Real-time conversations can happen privately between members, or publicly in chat rooms.

Buddy List Settings

Decide who members can instant message by having buddy lists display everyone online, or just online friends. Displaying everyone online encourages members to interact with one another.

Photos and Status Icons

The buddy lists on chat bars include icons for online status, as well as the profile pictures of each online buddy.

Hide Offline

For those times when instant messages may be distracting, members can choose to go offline and can continue browsing your community, returning online at their leisure.

Chat Rooms

Members can join chat rooms for live group chats. Great for bringing all members together, community chat encourages new friendships and fresh discussions on topics that matter to your members.

Anchored IM Bar

Once enabled, members can instant message friends and other members via private, persistent chat windows while browsing your community.


Online members receive audio and visual notifications for incoming chat messages. This way, they’ll never miss an IM or chat.

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