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Events Plugin

Members can organize community events for online and offline activities. Pick a time and place, discuss event details in the activity feed, and share content.

Activity Feed and Discussion Topics

Event guests can share updates, links, music, photos, and videos in a special feed, or post a discussion topic just like a forum post. Events are always accessible, so members can even share and reflect after the event ends.

Track RSVPs

Members can RSVP when invited to events so event creators can easily track attendance. RSVPs can be updated if plans change.

Message All Members

Event creators can broadcast messages to all guests for efficient event updates. Media attachments are supported.

Event Photos

Share photos with event guests with our simple-to-use uploader. Event guests can tag, share, like, and comment on photos.

Privacy Options

Events can be public or private. Event creators can send out exclusive invitations, or allow guests to invite others.

Custom Event Styles

Using CSS, event creators can change the colors, fonts, and styles of their event to design a custom look that’s their own.

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