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Groups Plugin

Members can create groups to socialize around any topic with other members who have similar interests. Groups act as smaller communities within your community, and are places of discussion and sharing under member control.

Activity Feed and Discussion Topics

The activity feed is the central hangout where group members can share updates, links, music, photos, and videos. For deeper conversation, group members can create threaded discussion topics that function just like forum posts.

Group Photos

Group members can share photos with one another, and can browse group photos to like and comment. Whatever the topic, group members will enjoy sharing and socializing.

Group Events

If you have our Events Plugin installed, group members can create group events, with the same functionality, to connect with other group members online or in real world outings.

Privacy Options

Group creators can decide if groups are public or invite only. Groups can broadly organize members into large, public groups, and groups can even support private sharing between handfuls of members in small, intimate groups.

Group Moderators

Group creators can promote group members to be officers. Officers can moderate group content, and can perform leadership roles within the group.

Message All Members

Group creators can broadcast messages directly to group members to notify them of the latest news and events.

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