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Music Sharing Plugin

From full playlists to single song posts, members can share music with your community by embedding music players into profiles, and by posting directly to the activity feed.

Custom Player Skins

Our built-in audio player is 100% HTML and CSS, making it easy to customize. With some small edits, you can alter the skin to match the look and feel of your community.

"Add to My Playlist" feature

Members can create playlists to curate the music they love, and even share playlists with their friends.

Mobile Support

Play audio files on mobile devices---even ones without Flash support---thanks to our advanced Javascript audio player.

Pop-out Player

The audio player can be “popped out” into a new browser window, so members can browse your community with uninterrupted playback.

Album Art

Members can upload album covers to visually enhance or personalize the playlists they create.

Profile Playlists

Members can add audio players to profiles so visitors can listen to playlists while browsing.

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