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SocialEngine Cloud Questions

Will SE Cloud work with my current website?

Of course! If you already have a website, you can easily add your current design and layout to your SE-powered site. You can also easily set up your SE site with a custom domain name or subdomain.

Do I need my own hosting server?

Nope. We host your SE Cloud site on our own powerful Amazon cloud servers. We've carefully configured them to serve up your site with consistent performance. There's no need for you to setup your own server.

Do I get complete source code access with SE Cloud?

Not quite, but close. We give you total access to your HTML/CSS frontend so you can easily make any design/layout changes needed. If you are sure that you need complete source code access for your project, SE PHP is the best choice for you.

Do I own my site? Can I sell it in the future?

If you decide to sell your site, you can transfer access to your account to the buyer. Your community's content and layout belong to you.

Do you show ads on my site?

No way! SE Cloud is not an ad-supported service. We'll never put ads on your site, but you're welcome to install your own if you wish.

I'm not exactly tech savvy, can I still use SE Cloud?

Absolutely. SE Cloud is really easy to setup - you just fill out a form, and we instantly create your community site. You don't need any technical skills to manage your site, and anyone with basic HTML/CSS experience can help you make changes to your site's style and layout.

Can I monetize my community?

The most effective way to directly monetize your community is by placing ads from ad networks like Adwords. We've made it incredibly easy for you to install ad blocks. Just copy and paste the ad block code into your layout!

Can I remove the "Powered By SocialEngine" text in the footer?

Sure thing. We don't charge you anything to remove the link back to our site - you can do it yourself by making a quick change to your site footer. That said, if you would like to support SocialEngine and help us improve the platform faster, we would really appreciate the link back to us!

Are multiple languages supported?

SE Cloud is currently only available in English, but you can edit much of the visible language right in the HTML templates. Your visitors can also easily use Google Translate to view your site in another language. Still, we are working on adding multi-language support soon.

Does SE Cloud integrate with Facebook and Twitter?

Oh yeah. We've got Facebook and Twitter social sign-in baked into the platform, so your members can start signing up with those services right after you launch your site. Your members can also easily publish their posts to Facebook and Twitter right from your site.

SocialEngine PHP Questions

What features come with a bundle? Are plugins included?

Each SocialEngine PHP plan comes with a license and these core features. Additionally, depending on which plan you get, you will get access to these plugins. Click here to see which plugins are included with your plan.

Will SE PHP work on my server? Do you provide hosting?

SE PHP can be installed on any server that meets our requirements. We don’t provide hosting for SE PHP, but we’ve partnered with TMDHosting to provide a hosting plan configured for SocialEngine. If you would rather host your community with us, then SE Cloud is the right platform for you.

Are multiple languages supported

Multiple languages are supported using language packs, but only English is available out of the box. You can create language packs yourself, or purchase language packs developed by third-parties.

A feature I want is missing, will you customize SE PHP for me?

SocialEngine has an active community of third-party developers who provide customization services. Since we don’t provide customization services ourselves, we recommend contacting these developers for assistance.

Will SE PHP work with my current website?

Yes, you can install SocialEngine onto a subdomain or subdirectory to create a community within your existing website. By developing a custom theme, you can design SocialEngine to have a similar look and feel as well.

Do I own my site? Can I sell it in the future?

You're free to sell your website but not your SE PHP license since the licenses are non-transferable. In other words, if you choose to sell your website which contains a SocialEngine license on it, the new owner would need to purchase their own license. What many clients do is simply incorporate the cost of the new license into the sale price of the website. We own our licensed source code, all other content belongs to you.

I'm not exactly tech savvy, can I still use SE Cloud?

Yes, SE PHP is built to run out-of-the-box, so once it’s installed your community is ready to go. Our Admin Panel is straightforward to use, and our drag-and-drop layout editor is a simple tool for making changes. Additionally, if you do need some heavy development done, experienced developers from the SocialEngine community are available to assist you.

Can I monetize my community?

SE PHP has monetization features built-in, such as membership subscriptions and advertising campaigns. For more options, you can custom develop additional features or install third-party add-ons.

Does SE PHP integrate with Facebook and Twitter?

Integration with Facebook and Twitter is possible out-of-the-box. Members can sign-in with their Facebook and Twitter accounts, and even post updates from your community to their Facebook and Twitter profiles. Also, we’ve integrated SocialEngine with Janrain to provide additional social sign-on features.

Will SocialEngine cost more if my community grows large?

There are no software limits on the number of uses SocialEngine can accommodate. Our licenses and plugins have one-time fees, and the price is not affected by member amount.

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