Support Policy


The purchase of Software entitles the Licensee to 30 days of technical support from Webligo starting at the time of purchase on the initial license purchase. Licensee agrees to the support terms stated below.

The support shall be provided mainly by means of an electronic ticketing system, or at the sole discretion of Webligo may be provided by other means of communication such as telephone and/or electronic mail (E-Mail).

SE PHP support will only be provided for SocialEngine PHP sites running the most recent version of our software or the version one release prior.

Support shall ONLY be provided for the following issues:

  • Initial Software installation.

  • Initial plugin installation, provided plugins are not third-party.

  • Errors encountered during the normal use of unmodified Software.

  • Requests for professional installation, provided a prespecified fee has been transferred by Licensee and received by Licensor. Installations will be made on a best-effort basis and performed as quickly as feasibly possible, however no guarantee of timeliness is made.

  • General questions involving how to set Software settings, Software usage and Software operation.

Support, at its sole discretion, may provide assistance with other issues on a case-by-case basis.

Support will NOT be liable for:

  • Requests involving the customization of our software.

  • The integration or troubleshooting of third-party modules.

  • The addition of functionality to the Software package

  • The customization of the graphical interface

  • Assistance in locating resources out of Support's realm of expertise

  • Assistance with server related issues, improvements or server updates.

  • Assistance with modified sites. Modified sites are those in which the SocialEngine official software code or database is modified in any way. SocialEngine official software is the SocialEngine software package and plugins that you download from your client dashboard. Support for modified Software will be provided at Support's sole discretion.

In order to use Support services, Licensee is required to provide the following details for Support staff access:

  • File manager access such as Cpanel, Plesk or other file manager if available.
  • FTP, SFTP and/or SSH details.
  • Database access through phpMyAdmin or other database manager.
  • Admin panel super admin access.
  • Maintenance code if activated.

Failure to provide the above details will restrict technical assistance and can entirely hamper our ability to resolve issues. Licensee agrees to provide the above information and acknowledges that failure to do so can forfeit Support assistance.

SUPPORT HOURS Support is provided from Monday through Friday during normal US business hours. Support is closed for major US holidays.


In an effort to ensure the stability of all websites undergoing the upgrade process, we will only perform upgrades Monday through Thursday. This will allow our technicians to address any issues before the weekend.

Standard upgrade service is valid for versions 4.9.X to 4.10.X.

Legacy upgrade service is valid for versions 4.0.X to 4.8.X.

  • Upgrade services can be impaired by modifications to the SocialEngine default code or database. Should issues occur due to these modifications, the Licensee will need to resolve these issues in order to proceed with the upgrade.
  • Licensee is responsible to backup their website and database.
  • Licensee is responsible to check with third party vendors to ensure plugins or customizations are compatible and prepare the site for upgrade in the event such plugins or customizations are not compatible or could interfere with the upgrade procedure.
  • Licensee is responsible to ensure the server meets requirements.
  • Licensee is encouraged to have all permissions set properly before upgrading as this can impact the upgrade process.
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